Keynote lectures:

Perumal Nithiarasu, Swansea University. Importance of translational biomedical modelling research.

Igor Sazonov, Swansea university. Study of pulse reflection from a model aneurysm.

Dimitris Parthimos, Swansea University. Ca2+ dynamics in arterial vasomotion.

Gennady Bocharov, Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS. Mathematical modelling of immuno-physiological processes in virus infections.

Alexander Panfilov, MIPT, Ghent University. Anatomically accurate modelling of the electrical and mechanical function of the human heart.

Igor Efimov, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, The George Washington University. From animal models to human physiology.

Yiannis Ventikos, University College London. Integrative modelling of brain transport phenomena: from hydrocephalus to dementia.