The Week of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling


The talks submitted to the cancelled 6th Russian-Chinese Workshop will be presented within the 3d Int. Conf. on Multiscale methods and Large-scale Scientific Computing (7-11 October).

Article about the conference: here.

The list of hotel reservations. Please check that it corresponds to your requests. The 4-digit number (in red) has the following meaning: the first digit is the number of your building, and the next 3 digits are your room number. Contact Yuri Vassilevski in case of mismatch.

The schedule of arrivals to the airport of Vladivostok of the participants: Word (bus) implies that there is a bus and a person meeting you, absence of word (bus) implies that you should order taxi. T.Mai, L.Zhang, S.Kim, D.Sheen will be met by the organizers.

5 October
9:00 (bus) Степанов,Алексеев,Гаврилиева,Тырылгин,Спиридонов
19:00 Lemke, Wittum, Logashenko
21:35 Mai
6 October
5:10 (bus) Куянова,Гологуш,Черевко,Шишленин,Новиков,Ключинский,Приходько
6:55 Ануприенко, Тимофеев
9.45 (bus) Василевский, Коньшин,Саламатова, Легкий, Гребенников, Новиков, Захарова,Пармузин, Iliash and 4 Germans
12:05 (bus) Данилов(2), Козубская(2), Григорьев, Янбарисов, Крамаренко
13:50 (bus) Park(2), M.Kim, Jaemin Shin, Dohyun Kim from Seoul
16:00 Lei Zhang
16:05 Senguil Kim
17:25 (bus) 4 Germans from Tokio
7 October
1:45 D.Sheen
6:20 Хе, Янкова
6:55 Чернышенко, Никитин
9:45 Капырин, Сухинов, Петров, Богатырев
8 October
17:25 Tamaki,Trushin from Tokio

General information

Dates: October 7-11, 2019.

Venue: Far East Federal University, Vladivostok, campus at Island Russky. The event will take place in the Administrative building “B”.

The access on the territory of the FEFU campus is restricted. Registration of all participants in the event is required. Access to the administrative building “B”, restaurant and other buildings is possible with a badge or an individual pass. Entrance to the FEFU campus by taxi is also possible in case of presenting a pass or badge. Private cars are not allowed in the campus. A number of parking lots are out of campus in the vicinity of Building “B”.

Organizing Committee:

  • Nikita Anisimov (Chair), Far East Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia
  • Konstantin Nefedev (Vice Chair), Institute of Applied Mathematics FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia
  • Mikhail Guzev, Institute of Applied Mathematics FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia
  • Yuri Vassilevski, Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Moscow, Russia

Program Committee:

  • Eugene Tyrtyshnikov (Chair), Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Moscow, Russia
  • Vladimir Shaidurov (Vice Chair), Krasnoyarsk Science Center SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  • Yalchin Efendiev, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA
  • Malte Peter, University of Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany

Support: The Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Weather: September and October benefit from the nice weather in Vladivostok.

Publications: the speakers are invited to submit papers to special issues of

  • Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics;
  • Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling;
  • Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Accomodation: Conference participants will be accomodated in the 3-star hotel of the Far Eastern Federal University upon the prior request. This hotel is within walking distance of the Administrative building “B” where the Event will take place. By the decision of the FEFU rector, the prices for accommodation in the FEFU hotel are reduced for conference participants and are lower than the average prices in Vladivostok.

Room rates:
Standard single – 2750 rubles; !!! No more single rooms are available for reservation !!!
Standard double – 4100 rubles;
Regular suite – 5100 rubles;
Presidential suite -18400 rubles.


Participants can book the hotel anywhere in Vladivostok on their own via the service It is possible get to the FEFU campus from the city center by taxi (the services are presented below, the price is about 350 rubles) or using public transport.

Taxi: There are many taxi companies in Vladivostok. Companies with the most acceptable price-quality ratio are the following:

  • Maxim (in Russian only). The trip on the route “Vladivostok International Airport – The campus of the Far Eastern Federal University” for one person with luggage costs 1300 rubles
  • Yandex taxi (Mobile application is in English)

  • Uber taxi (Mobile application is in English)