XII-th conference

Venue: INM RAS, Gubkin str., 8, room 727, Moscow, 119333, Russia

10.00-18.00, November 2-3, 2020

Conference website

Topics: mathematical modelling in cardiology, immunology, oncology, epidimiology, system biology, sport, pharmacology, diagnostic methods (US, ECG, MRI, electroimpedance), numerical hemodynamics, numerical biomath.

Organizers: Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Moscow Center for Fundamental and Applied Mathematics at INM RAS, Sechenov University.

If you or your colleguas wish to attend the conference and present own research, please register here before 28th October 2020. If you want to attend without presentation please register here as a listener before 25th October 2020. It is necessary to be included in the list of participants because of security check.