The 7th Workshop on Mathematical Models and Numerical Methods in Biology and Medicine

Venue: INM RAS, Gubkin str., 8, room 727, Moscow, 119333, Russia

10.00-18.00, October 30, November 2-3, 2015

Special Session on Numerical Methods for Viscous and Elastic Media and Applications to Biomathematics, Moscow, October 30, 2015

Special sesseion is organized in cooperation with the Laboratory J.V.Poncelet UMI CNRS 2615 (Moscow, Russia). Organizers of the Special Session: Yuri Vassilevski (Russia) and Grigory Panasenko (France).

This is the 7th workshop in the series started in 2010. The programs and electronic presentations of previous workshops as well as special journal issues can be found on this site.