SIAT-Sechenov Competition on Numerical
Modeling of Bioimpedance Analysis
The 3rd Russian-Chinese School on Mathematical Modeling and Parallel Computing


Deliveries: Each phase is completed by requested deliveries which are assessed by the judges awarding scores.

Awards are given according to the total score accumulating scores of each phase:

  • The First Prize is given to 1 group,
  • The Second Prize is given to 1 group,
  • The Third Prize is given to 1 group,
  • The Honorable Mention is given to 1 group.

The First and the Second Prizes imply participation in the student exchange program for 2022 between SIAT and Sechenov University for all members of the winning group. The First Prize grants 9-days visit: arrival Saturday morning, departure Sunday evening. The Second Prize grants 7-days visit: arrival Monday morning, departure Sunday evening. The Third Prize is a diploma. Each member of each group will receive a certificate of a participant of the competition.

Download Assignment [pdf]

Rules for the tutors:

  • tutors may not perform any job reported to judges, only students’ results are reported
  • tutors may not suggest particular software since the students should develop their own experience of searching software
  • tutors may give a scope/review of methods and algorithms useful for the current Stage of the assignment. Based on such scope/review the students can make a choice of the software
  • tutors may suggest websites where the appropriate software is collected among others or reviews of different software are given
  • tutors may suggest a plan of activity within each Stage and a mode of coordination between them and students and between students. The modes depend on backgrounds of students within the group and presence of potential leaders or very interested students in each group
  • tutors may answer questions related to the work, but these answers should obey the bans
  • tutors should help judges to compare the reports within each Stage. Russian and Chinese tutors of each stage should coordinate the deliveries of each stage to make them comparable and should provide tools for their comparison.