VIII-th conference program

Venue: INM RAS, Gubkin str., 8, room 727, Moscow, 119333, Russia

Monday, October 31 (sessions in English)

9:30-9:40 Opening

I session, chairman: Chairman G.Bocharov.

Mathematical models and immunology.

9.40-10.15 V.Volpert (Université Lyon 1, Laboratoire Poncelet, Moscow). Reaction-diffusion waves in biological applications
10.15-10.50 A.Meyerhans (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barselona). Regulation and manipulation of virus infection fates
10.50-11.20 G.Bocharov (INM, Moscow). Systems approach to immunology
11.20-11.40 Coffee-break

II Session, chairman: Yu.Vassilevski

Physiological flows

11.40-12.10 S.Simakov (MIPT, INM, Moscow). Numerical modeling of blood flow: applications to predictive endovascular surgery
12.10-12.30 T.Gamilov (MIPT, Moscow). Computational simulations of the results of carotid stenosis treatment based on patient-specific data
12.30-12.50 A.Golov (MIPT, Moscow). Multiscale CT-based computational modeling of obstructive pulmonary diseases
12.50-13.10 A.Khe, V.Liapidevskii, A.Chesnokov (Institute of Hydrodynamics, Novosibirsk). Mathematical model of a fluid flow in collapsible tubes
13.10-14.00 Lunch

III Session, chairman: V.Volpert

Physiological flows II.

14.00-14.20 A.Svitenkov, P.Zun, O.Rekin (ITMO University, St. Petersburg). Parameters of boundary conditions for detailed 1D arterial blood flow model
14.20-14.40 T.Dobroserdova (INM, MIPT, Moscow). Coupling of 1D and 3D blood flow models
14.40-15.00 T.Galochkina (Université Lyon 1). Existence, stability and speed of the traveling wave solutions in the mathematical model of blood coagulation
15.00-15.20 A.Bouchnita (Université Lyon 1). Clot growth regimes for blood coagulation in blood flow
15.20-15.40 A.Lobanov, A.Andreeva, A.Nikolaev (MIPT, Moscow). Pointwise mathematical model of fibrin polymerization
15.40-16.00 Coffee-break

IV Session, chairman: M.Marion

Mathematical models and numerical methods.

16.00-16.30 M. Marion (Ecole Centrale de Lyon). Pulses and waves for reaction-diffusion systems
16.30-17.00 A.Lozovskiy (INM, Moscow). The unconditionally stable semi-implicit ALE finite element scheme for fluid-structure interaction
17.00-17.30 I.Konshin, Yu.Vassilevski (INM, Moscow), M.Olshanskii (University of Houston). Iterative solution of Oseen linear systems and applications to coronary blood flows
17.30-18.00 A.Chernyshenko (INM, Moscow), M.Olshanskii (University of Houston). Numerical methods for biomedical problems posed on surfaces and bulk-surface coupled problems
18.15-20.15 Conference Dinner

Tuesday, November 1 (sessions in English)

V Session, chairman: S.Fedotov

Heart and Cell models.

9.30-10.00 A.Aksenov, A.Schelyaev (Tesis, Moscow). The Living Heart Project
10.00-10.20 A.Danilov (INM, MIPT, Moscow). Numerical techniques for bioimpedance and ECG modelling
10.20-10.40 V.Zverev (Ural Federal Univ.), S.Pravdin, L.Katsnelson, O.Solovyova (Institute of Immunology and Physiology, Ural Federal Univ., Ekaterinburg) Modeling of miocard mechanical function: from tissue model to organ model
10.40-11.20 S.Fedotov (University of Manchester) Non-Markovian models of intracellular transport
11.20-11.40 K.Novikov (Moscow State University). The role of spatial traits of microtubule network in endosomal trafficking
11.40-12.00 Coffee-break

VI Session, chairman: A.Kolobov

Cancer I.

12.00-12.40 J.Clairambault (Université Paris 6). Drug resistance in cancer: an evolutionary perspective on cancer, with applications to anticancer drug resistance modelling and perspectives in therapeutic control
12.40-13.00 C.Pouchol (Université Paris 6). Phenotype-structured equations: asymptotic analysis and optimal control
13.00-13.20 D.Onishchenko (M&S Decisions, Moscow), J. Dunyak, N. Al-Huniti (AstraZeneca, Boston, US). Dynamic predictions of overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer using tumor sizes: a longitudinal joint modeling approach
13.20-14.00 Lunch

VII Session, chairman: J.Clairambault

Cancer II.

14.00-14.30 A.Stephanou (Université de Grenoble). A hybrid multiscale computational framework to personalize and optimize cancer therapy
14.30-15.00 A.Kolobov, M.Kuznetsov (Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow). Influence of interstitial fluid dynamics on growth and therapy of angiogenic tumor
15.00-15.20 E.Tyuryumina, A.Neznanov (High School of Economics, Moscow). Mathematical modeling of natural history of tumor stage for breast cancer
15.20-15.40 M.Kuznetsov, A.Kolobov (Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow). Mathematical modeling of angiogenic tumor growth with account of oxygen and glucose balance in tissue
15.40-16.00 N.Gorodnova (INM, Moscow). Structural-functional computational model of the local blood flow
alteration due to tumor angiogenesis
16.00-16.20 Coffee-break

VIII Session, chairman: K.Peskov


16.20-16.40 V.Voronova (M&S Decisions, Moscow). Modelling of GLP-1 and its analogues effect on food digestion in gastro-intestinal tract
16.40-17.00 T.Yakovleva (M&S Decisions, Moscow). A systems pharmacology model of SGLT2 and SGLT1 inhibition to understand mechanism and quantification of urinary glucose excretion after treatment with dapagliflozin, canagliflozin and empagliflozin
17.00-17.20 V.Maryakhina (Orenburg State Univ.). Numerical simulation of the delayed fluorescence kinetics of xanthene dyes in alive mammalian cells

Wednesday, November 2 (talks in Russian, slides in English)

IX Session, chairman: A.Bratus.

Molecular dynamics.

10.00-10.30 A. Bratus (Moscow State University), Y.Semenov (Moscow Univ. of Railway Engineering), A.Novozhilov (North Dakota State University). Error threshold in eigen’s quasispecies model evolution of macromolecules
10.30-11.00 A.Zhmurov, K.Minin, V.Barsegov (MIPT, Moscow), N.Zhmurova (Ryazan State Univ.). Study of nanomechanics of α-supercoils by molecular modeling methods
11.00-11.20 A.Dokuchaev, E.Shikhaleva, T.Sulman, L.Katsnelson (Institute of Immunology and Physiology, Ekaterinburg). Mathematical modeling of contractile and regulatory proteins cooperation in myocard mechanocalcium feedback
11.20-11.40 Coffee-break

X Session, chairman: A.Danilov.

Medical imaging.

11.40-12.00 A.Cherevko (Institute of Hydrodynamics, Novosibirsk). MRI methods of cerebral vasculature reconstruction on the example of small laboratory animals
12.00-12.20 K.Beklemysheva, A.Vasyukov, A.Kazakov (MIPT, Moscow). Numerical modeling of transcranial ultrasound
12.20-12.40 M.Galchenkova (MIPT, Moscow), A.Demidov (Moscow State University), A.Kochurov (Moscow State University). A flat approximation of inverse MEG-problems
12.40-13.00 E.Kislukhina (Institute of Emergency, Moscow). Interpretation and processing of laser-doppler flowgrams
13.00-13.20 A.Yurova (Moscow State Univ.). Analysis of texture features of CT-images in abdomen organs segmentation
13.20-13.40 R.Pryamonosov (INM, Moscow). Patient-oriented graph network reconstruction of coronary arteries
13.40-14.20 Lunch

XI Session, chairman: G.Bocharov.

Immunology and lymphatic system.

14.20-14.40 I.Gaynova (Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk). Development of optimal treatment strategies for HIV infection by mathematical methods
14.40-15.00 A.Mozokhina, S.Mukhin (Moscow State Univ.). Modeling of lymph flow in the whole net of lymphatic vessels
15.00-15.20 D.Grebennikov (MIPT, Moscow). Modelling the structure and functioning of the reticular network in lymph node
15.20-15.40 R.Tretyakova (Moscow State Univ.). Modelling the lymph flow through the conduit network of lymph node
15.40-16.00 Coffee-break

XII Session, chairman: Yu.Vassilevski.


16.00-16.20 K.Shilnikov, N.Kudryashov (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). Mathematical modeling of cryogenic processes in biotissues and optimization of the cryosurgery operations
16.20-16.40 D.Sarancha (Computing Center RAS, Moscow). On adequateness of mathematical models (ecological example)
16.40-17.00 V.Razzhevaikin (Computing Center RAS, Moscow). Instability in biological society models and extended Gause’s principle.

Thursday, November 3 (talks in Russian, slides in English)

XIII Session, chairman: N.Pertsev.


10.00-10.30 N.Pertsev (Institute of Mathematics, Omsk). Correctness of mathematical models of the alive systems described by delay differential equations
10.30-10.50 V.Leonenko, S.Ivanov (ITMO University, St. Petersburg). The problems of influenza peak forecasting in Russian cities by means of SEIR models
10.50-11.10 S.Rudnev (INM, Moscow). Health centers: possibilities for epidemiological monitoring and data quality control
11.10-11.30 O.Starunova (Health Institute, Moscow). Information computing technology for analysis of preventive screening data in health centers
11.30-11.50 Coffee-break

XIV Session, chairman: S.Simakov.

Physiological flows III.

11.50-12.10 A.Yanchenko (Institute of Hydrodynamics, Novosibirsk). Mathematical modeling of hemodynamics based on hyperbolic thermodynamically consystent systems of conservation laws
12.10-12.30 E.Bord (Novosibirsk State Univ.), A.Cherevko (Institute of Hydrodynamics, Novosibirsk). Nyquist diagram bifurcations for generalized Van der Pol Duffing equation describing local cerebral hemodynamics
12.30-12.50 T.Gologush (Novosibirsk State Univ.), V.Ostapenko (Institute of Hydrodynamics, Novosibirsk), I.Petrenko (Vladimir State Univ.). Modeling and optimization the process of embolization on the bazis of two-phase filtration model
12.50-13.10 V.Kislukhin (Medisonic, Moscow). Marcovian chain as explanation of actively circulating bulk of blood
13.10-13.30 Y.Naing So (MIPT, Moscow).Computational model of two-phase transport of transmembrane peptides by blood flow
13.30-13.40 Closing