Fourth International Workshop on the Multiscale Methods and Modelling in biology and medicine

October 29-31, 2014,

Aud. 727, Institute of Numerical Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Gubkina 8, Moscow, Russia

Organizing committee:
A.Amosov, Russia
G.Panasenko, France (co-chairman)
A.Tokarev, Russia
M.Tsfasman, France
Yu.Vassilevski, Russia (co-chairman)

Program committee:
F.Ataullakhanov, Russia
G.Panasenko, France
A.Chupakhin, Russia

Tentative list of invited speakers :
R.Aliev, Russia, Puschino
F.Ataullakhanov, Russia, Moscow
A.Bratus, Russia, Moscow
P.Chelle, France, Saint-Etienne
A.Chupakhin, Russia, Novosibirsk
J.Orlik, V.Shiryaev, Germany, Kaiserslautern
G.Panasenko, France, St-Etienne, Russia, Moscow
S.Mukhin, Russia, Moscow
N.Pertsev, Russia, Omsk
O.Solovyova, V. Markhasin, Russia, Yekaterinburg
A.Tsaturyan, Russia, Moscow
G.Vial, France, Lyon
M.Viallon, France, Saint-Etienne
V.Volpert, France, Lyon

The workshop is devoted to an important trend in mathematical modeling, the multiscale methods, and its applications in biology and medicine. Such methods combine the microscopic and macroscopic description of the phenomena and are usually based on the asymptotic and the numerical analysis of the equations of the microscopic model. The workshop will bring together the well-known specialists in the topic and young researchers and students.

Working language: English

Download the Workshop Poster[pdf]