V-th conference program

Venue: INM RAS, Room 727, Gubkin str., 8, Moscow (www.inm.ras.ru)

October 29, Tuesday

10:00-10:10 Opening.

I session, chairman: Yu. Vassilevski

10:10-10:35 A.Danilov (INM RAS), A.Yurova (MSU), V.Kramarenko (MIPT). Patient-specific models with high resolution for bioimpedance measurements.
10:35-11:00 A.Cherevko, A.Chupahin (Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS), A.Yanchenko (NSU). Computer modelling of arterial aneurysm stenting.
11:00-11:25 D.Nushtaev (MAI, TESIS), S.Zhavoronok (MAI). Simulation of coronary stents opening.
11:25-11:50 T.Gamilov, S.Simakov (MIPT), Yu. Ivanov (INM RAS). Mathematical modelling of methods of blood flow intensification.
11:50-12:15 S.Simakov, N.Gorodnova (MIPT), A.Chupahin, A.Che (Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS). Mathematical modelling of efficiency of arterio-venous malformation embolization.
12:15-13:00 Lunch break.

II session, chairman: A.Chupahin

13.00-13.25 N.Pertcev (OBIM SB RAS). Development of tuberculosis spread model based on differential equations with lag.
13.25-13.50 A. Bratus (MSU), V.Posvyanskii (MIIT), A.Novozhilov (University of Dakota). Application of theory of replicator systems in space to real biological objects.
13:50-14:15 V.Razzhevaikin (CC RAS). Problems of using of evolutional optimality principles for structured biosystem modelling.
14.15-14.40 O.Lulyakin, D.Sarancha (CC RAS). Study of animal population number dynamics using methods of specific modelling.
14.40-15.10 Coffee break.

III session, chairman: G.Panasenko

15.10-15.35 Ya.Bazaikin (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS), A.Che, A.Cherevko, A.Chupahin (Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS). Persistent homologies: data analysis and applications in hemodynamics.
15.35-16.00 A.Barlykova, A.Cherevko, A.Chupahin (Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS). Travelling waves in 1D model of hemodynamics.
16.00-16.25 A.Mihailova (NSU), A.Cherevko, A.Chupahin (Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS). Hemodynamic model construction using experimental data: inverse problem.
16.25-16.50 A.Borzov (MSU), A.Dreval (Vladimirskii MRSRCI), S.Mukhin (MSU). Modelling of glycemia time-space dynamics.

October 30, Wednesday

IV session, chairman: A.Bratus

10.30-10.55 E.Pogorelova (MIPT, CTP PHP RAS), A.Lobanov (MIPT, MSAWT). About modelling of platelet-derived thrombus growth taking into account shift-caused diffusion.
10.55-11.20 A. Rukhlenko, K.Zlobina, G.Guria (MIPT, HSC MH RF). Liminal activation of gelatinization processes in intensive blood flow. Theoretical analysis.
11.20-11.45 G.Panasenko (University of Leon), K.Pileskas (University of Vilnius). Non-steady flows in thin tube structures.
11.45-12.10 A.Kursanov, N.Vikulova,L.Kacnelson (IIP URAS), O.Solovieva, V.Marhasin (IIP URAS, UFU). Model of electric and mechanic function of heart muscle 1D fiber.
12.10-12.35 D. Konyagin (NVIDIA). Accelerators of computing based on GPU. From revolution to evolution.
12.35-13.00 Coffee break.

V session, chairman: G.Bocharov

13.00-13.25 S.Kovalenko (FSCC FMBA), A.Bratus (MSU). Survival rate problem in distributed mathematical model of glioma therapy.
13.25-13.50 K.Zapolskii, Yu.Admiralskii, A.Bratus (MSU). Modelling of healthy and diseased cells space agglomeration using hybrid method of cellular automaton.
13.50-14.15 A.Anashkina (IMB RAS), A.Nekrasov, A.Zinchenko (IBC RAS). Informational content of albuminous sequences. Theory of protein molecules and applications.
14.15-14.40 A.Kazennov, D.Podgornii, A.Alekseenko, Ya.Kholodov (MIPT). Albumin-albuminous multigrid docking using fast Fourier transformation in space of spherical functions.
14.40-15.05 A. Panfilov (University of Ghent). Studying mechanisms of ventricular fibrillation using anatomically accurate model of the human heart.
15.05-15.30 L.Daniel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Model order reduction and uncertainty quantification for complex biomedical systems.
15.30 General discussion.