III-d Conference Program

Venue: INM RAS, Room 727, Gubkin str., 8, Moscow (www.inm.ras.ru)

October 27, Thursday

09:50-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:05 Opening

I session, chairman: Yu. Vassilevski

10:05-10:30 A. Polezhaev, A. Kolobov, V. Gubernov (LPI RAS).
Mechanism for selecting the minimal rate of invasive tumor growth in a model that takes into account the dichotomy of migration and proliferation of cells.
10:30-10:55 V. Leonenko, N. Pertcev (OBIM SB RAS). Stochastic
model of indentification individuals predisposed to development of colorectal cancer.
10:55-11:20 S. Zaichik, A. Bratus (MSU), E. Fimmel’ (University of Mannheim). Estimation of therapy quality in distributed nonlinear model of malignant cells growth.
11:20-11:45 D.Konyagin, A. Dzhoraev (NVIDIA). NVIDIA Tesla desicions for problems on bioinformatics and biomedicine.
11:45-12:10 Coffee break.

II session, chairman: R. Aliev

12:10-12:35 K. Avilov (INM RAS). Socio-economical heterogeneity in
epidemiology of tuberculosis.
12:35-13:00 N. Pertcev, V. Leonenko (OBIM SB RAS).
stochastic models for studying the dynamics of infectious diseases.
13:00-13:25 T. Sannikova (INM RAS).
Mathematical model of human energy homeostasis.
13:25-13:50 A. Novozhilov (MSU RE). SIR epidemiological models for heterogeneous populations.
13:50-15:00 Lunch break.

III session, chairman: A. Polezhaev

15:00-15:25 V.Lahno (IMPB RAS).
Modelling of charge transport in molecular chains and conductive properties of DNA.
15:25-15:50 S. Kozirev (MI RAS). 2-adic structure of the genetic code.
15:50-16:15 R. Aliev (ITEB RAS), R. Syunyaev(MIPT).
Phase and trigger waves in the sinoatrial node.
16:15-16:40 S. Rizhov (TESIS). Overview of SIMULIA/Abaqus software package opportunities for biomedical problems.

October 28, Friday

IV session, chairman: V. Volpert

10:00-10:25 G. Panasenko, V. Volpert, P. Kurbatov (University of Lyon). Hybrid discrete-continuous models: asymptotic and numerical study.
10:25-10:50 A. Danilov, S. Rudnev, Yu. Vassilevski (INM RAS), V. Salamatova (SEC INM RAS), D. Nikolaev, A. Smirnov (MEDASS). Bioimpedance analysis: basis of the method and computational technologies.
10:50-11:15 D. Sarancha, R. Trashchev (CC RAS).
On the interaction of imitating and analytical methods
when modelling of ecologo-biological objects.
11:15-11:40 N. Pertcev (OBIM SB RAS).
Application of monotonous operators and M-matrices method to
solution investigation of
some models of living systems.
11:40-12:10 A. Lotov, N. Gorbun (CC RAS), A. Bratus (MSU). Application of the Pareto boundary visualization to search of effective strategies for HIV infection treatment.
12:10-12:40 Coffee break.

V session, chairman: G. Panasenko

12:40-13:05 A. Kopyltsov (Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Centre). Mathematical model of local blood flow regulation.
13:05-13:30 S. Simakov, Yan Naing So (MIPT), Yu. Vassilevski, Yu. Ivanov (INM RAS), V. Salamatova (SEC INM RAS), T. Dobroserdova (MSU) .
Using of one-dimensional closed model for numerical analysis of blood flow in vessel network with atherosclerosis and for transport of substances.
13:30-13:55 V. Volpert (University of Lyon). Dissipative particle dynamics
for modelling of blood flow.
13:55-14:20 A. Shchelyaev (TESIS).
Experience in using of FlowVision software package for biomedical problems.
14:20 General discussion.