For All Participants

  • Hotel “Sputnik” is situated on Leninsky prospect, nearby metro station «Leninsky Prospect». The address is Leninsky Prospect, 38, Moscow. You can get the Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS on foot from the hotel:
  • Sessions at INM RAS: room 727 on the 7th floor (April 16-17).
  • Coffee breaks will take place on the 6th floor in room 630 (nearby stairs).
  • Lunches will take place at Cafeteria on the ground floor
  • Wi-Fi Internet access is available

                       MIAN-FREE on the 9th floor,

                       inm727, password: 727inmras, on the  7th floor, room 727

                       dodo, password: bolokoilwink , on the 6th floor, room 630.

  • Tuesday  and Thursday evenings are free
  • The conference dinner on Wednesday will be on the 9th floor.
  • Metro station «Leninskiy Prospect» is situated in 13 minutes from the hotel. You can get it on foot:
  • The following tickets are available in the metro:1 trip = 40 RUB;2 trips = 80 RUB;

    5 trips = 150 RUB;

    11 trips = 300 RUB …

    These tickets are also suitable for Land transport (bus, trolley bus, tram).

  •  Round Table on April 17 takes place at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology: metro Tretyakovskaya, Klimentovsky pereulok  1, bld.1.

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